Maximize the value of your assets

Tax Strategies to Secure Your Legacy

Sell your business, real estate or other highly appreciated asset and enjoy control over your capital gains tax liability with the Deferred Sales Trust™ (DST).


Wealth Concentration Can Cause Problems

Is your net worth tied up in a concentrated asset like a business or real estate? Capital gains taxes complicate the sale of highly-appreciated assets, which can leave you feeling trapped.

Why sacrifice 30-50% of your gain on a highly appreciated asset, when there’s a smarter option for sellers? The DST™ defers the tax and deprecation recapture and offers a higher rate of return—because now sellers are able
to leverage the pre-tax proceeds from the sale.

Reduce Taxes

When the appreciated property or capital assets are sold, capital gains tax is deferred, reducing the tax impact.

Maintains Family Wealth

When properly structured, the principal can be preserved to pass on to your legal heirs

Eliminates Risks

By utilizing the DST, an asset that is otherwise “exposed” or liability prone is converted to a “no-liability” asset.

Earn Interest

Earn interest on the money that you would have paid in taxes at the time of the sale

Create Liquidity

Convert illiquid assets into into monthly payments.

Estate Tax Benefits

 May accomplish an “estate tax freeze” for estate tax purposes.

A Strategic Alternative to a 1031 Exchange

For investment real estate owners, the DST™ is a strategic alternative to a 1031 Exchange because it offers greater flexibility and control.

Wider selection of eligible investment products

No timing restrictions on when to invest

Flexible payment time frame


Benefits of the Deferred Sales Trust™

The primary benefit to a deferred sales trust is that you are able to defer taxes on capital gains while earning additional income from investing the proceeds from the sale. As an investor, you’re able to invest more because you haven’t had to pay the taxes on the capital gains yet.

A deferred sales trust can be an alternative to a 1031 exchange for deferring taxes on capital gains if you don’t want to continue investing in real estate. With a deferred sales trust, you have many more investment options including:

  • Other real estate
  • Stocks
  • REITs
  • Bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • CDs
  • Angel investments

A deferred sales trust also allows you to receive payments as you need them. You can choose to only receive income payments on the interest earned or structure principal payments however you would like. This can be a great option for retirement income, or to continue receiving cash flow on the real estate you sold.


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